Correct Darkest Deeds Cover.jpg

No one is innocent in the eyes of the Cavalieri Della Morte.
If your name ends up on my list, your time is up.
No regrets. No mercy. No conscience.

Until the enemy becomes my twisted obsession.

Two days ago, I paid a price to fulfill a vendetta. Twenty minutes ago, I threw it all away.
Stolen in the night. Held against her will. Bound to a monster.
I came to take her life but claimed it instead.

I warn her not to trust men with sin on their lips and ice in their veins.
She cautions me not to be deceived by my own eyes.

Neither of us listens.

What started out as a quest for retribution has become a game of survival.
They say three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.
Challenge accepted.

Shallow Cover.jpg


I never meant to end up as a tabloid headline. However, the higher a star rises, the harder they fall, and life in the fast lane has brought me face to face with my biggest regret.

I walked away from a sweet boy and came home to a sinful man. We're toxic together but too addicted to stop.

Cary hates himself for wanting me. I hate him for wanting me too.
I warned him I'd ruin him once. It's not my fault if he ignores me twice.


Shiloh warned me she'd ruin me. For once, she was telling the truth. I sacrificed my future for her and then spent seven years hating her for it.

Now a scandalous fall from grace has landed her at my feet and under my control. It's finally time to unleash the payback I've always craved.

Unfortunately, revenge doesn't taste as sweet as the woman I vowed to destroy.
Change of plans. I don't just want her pain. I want her everything.

Unsupervised Cover.jpg

It was just a little white lie...


I have no problem attracting women. Especially a crazy one whose indecent proposal has me backed into a corner. The solution is simple; find a fake fiancée and save my job.

A chance meeting with a tall blonde seems almost too good to be true. Beautiful, sane, and she has a kid? We have a winner.

I planned everything except falling for her.
A lie brought us together, but I have no intention of letting her go.


Whoever said hard work pays off never applied for an internship in New York City. I'm no quitter, but after five rejection letters, I'm still stuck playing nanny to the overprivileged.

One outrageous proposal later, I find myself fake engaged and lying to everyone. Just as I'm about to call it off, I realize my Irish "fiancé" is my ticket to Madison Avenue.

If I can hold on to this charade long enough, I'll get the job and the man.
Game on.