Swamp Happens: The Complete Collection

They say you can't go home again, but when you're broke, down on your luck, and wanted in two states, sometimes, it's the only place left.

From authors K.A. Ware and Cora Kenborn comes the laugh out loud complete Swamp Bottom series collection about two sisters from the bayou, the men who love them, and the dysfunctional family at the heart of it all. 


I always prided myself on being the responsible one. The perfect princess. The voice of reason in what was usually my sister's chaos.

That was before I threw it all away for the parish bad boy. But when he threw me away, I raised a middle finger to the bayou and never looked back. 

Years later, I'm married to prince charming and have everything I've ever wanted--until the silver spoon is ripped away, and my prince turns out to be just another cheating jackass. 

Forced out of my self-imposed exile, I have no choice but to crawl back to the one place I turned my back on. 


Trouble always found me. I figured you only lived once, so carpe diem. Besides, my sister worried enough for the whole state of Louisiana.

That was before I stole a van, became a felon, and seduced my arresting officer.

I'm a mess, and all I have to show for my life are a string of loser ex-boyfriends and a warrant. I used to dream of se