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Carrera Cartel: The Collection

Delve into the dark. The Carreras are waiting...

From USA Today bestselling author Cora Kenborn comes three full-length dark mafia romance novels from the Carrera Cartel Trilogy plus Stained White Lines, an explosive bonus novel, available ONLY in the collection.

Blurred Red Lines (Book 1)
A name to avoid at all costs...
Until I come face-to-face with it.
Abducted. Held against my will.
A prisoner of a war I know nothing about.
Captive to a ruthless cartel prince who wants more than my freedom.
He wants me.

Faded Gray Lines (Book 2)
I never meant to start a war...
Then I fell for the boy my mother warned me about.
A soulless killer for the Carrera Cartel.
We were the virgin and the villain.
The debutante and the devil.
He swore we'd end in ruin.
I swore love would conquer all.
I was wrong.

Drawn Blue Lines (Book 3)
Brody Harcourt turned me from a queen into a pariah.
Now there will be hell to pay.
But I'm back for more than revenge.
More than blood.
More than a forbidden man.
My eye is on the prize...
The Carrera throne.

Stained White Lines (Bonus novel only available in this collection)
Every great rivalry has a beginning.
Ours was my sister's wedding.
An event that masked the joining of empires.
Betrayal changed everything.
Carrera. Santiago.
One bullet started a war.
Two stained our history red.

*Individual standalone titles are available under the Carrera Cartel Trilogy

Carrera Cartel: The Collection

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"An addictive, compelling read. Cora Kenborn has woven an intricate web where the heat smolders and the twists keep you turning the pages. In one word, magnificent..."


"Cora brings us another stellar mafia romance that will not only pull at your heartstrings, it will immerse you in the lives of the characters until you're nothing but a puppet to their masters. Emotional. Raw. Dark. And utterly intoxicating...."


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