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I can't breathe. I don't think. I run.


Respect death and it will respect you.

Those were my mother's last words, but she's not the one called to crime scenes full of pissed-off spirits demanding justice. I'm a sensible homicide detective. Conversations with dead people were never in my job description until a string of murders rocks the French Quarter and dredges up a dark force wanting one thing--me.

I'm in over my head.

Unfortunately, help comes in the form of Odyn Broussard, a cranky, condescending pain in my ass. I've always heard it's best to fight fire with fire. If that's true, Odyn and I are about to ignite an inferno.


I'm retired.

That's what I should've told the pushy brunette who showed up on my doorstep demanding my help. Now, I'm fighting in a world I swore to never return to with Mila who claims she doesn't believe in our gift. Against my better judgment, I'll train and protect her, but I won't give in to this dangerous attraction.

I'll never make that mistake again.

I have to choose between protecting Mila or driving her into darkness. One will win the battle, and one will end the war. But there can only be one survivor.

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My Captors...

Sterling is the intelligent one, the man who initiated this dangerous game.

Asher is the enforcer, the asshole intent on breaking me.

And I'm Violet F*cking Queen, the world's fiercest black hat. This is my playground and I bow to no one.

Not even to the men who captured my heart, once upon a time.

Note: This is book one of a trilogy. Book two is expected in August 2020. Book three is expected in September 2020.

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In the depth of the bright orange glow, come the Men of Valor.

These are the heroes who risk their lives to save ours.

They’re the men who walk into the inferno,

Who step between the heat of danger,

And give themselves in order to save lives.

They’re fearless, they’re heroic, and it’s time to honor them.


All proceeds of this anthology will be donated to the CFA (Country Fire Association). As fire wages war with Australia, we would like to do our part in helping. Fall in love with the firemen in each story, while giving back a small part by purchasing a copy today!